Monday, February 02, 2009

You Know Who You Look Like? Part 8,451

Office Lady: You got a haircut.

Brown: Yes.

Office Lady: You still look like Owen Wilson.

Brown: I do?

Office Lady: Yes. I just confirmed it with another woman here. She agreed.

Brown: ....Ohhh I get it. You hate me.

Office Lady: Yes.

Brown: Very well. ...Did you watch the Super Bowl?

Office Lady: Could you go sit back down now?

Brown: But I'm not that bad of a guy.

Office Lady: Are you going to change your face?

Brown: My face?

Office Lady: Yes. Are you going to change your face?

Brown: I don't think so?

Office Lady: Then I don't care if you're a good guy. You are just a guy whose face I hate.

Brown: Is this about something else?

Office Lady: No. It's about you and your face. Nothing else. How have I been unclear?

Brown: Well it was a little unclear with the whole Owen Wilson angle.

Office Lady: Well I hope I'm clear now.

Brown: It kind of makes me think you really just hate Owen Wilson.

Office Lady: No.

Brown: Because you don't even know me.

Office Lady: I don't want to know me.

Brown: Why not?

Office Lady: I could come up with a million reasons. And then I would pile those reasons on top of each other to form a pyramid. And at the top of that pyramid would be the most important reason. And that reason wouldn't be in words, it would just be a picture of your face. And then I would smash that pyramid like I want to smash your face right now because I can't stand to look at it even when it's illustrating my own point.

Brown: This is about Owen Wilson isn't it.

Office Lady: God I hate you.

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