Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Good Morning, Children!

This is the face that I look at every day. His name is Clement Price. He is on my homepage at work. He is speaking at a Black History Month event in Newark (!) today. I have no idea what he has to do with Prudential.

But it's hard to look at that face every day and not wonder what the story is behind this picture. So to steal from honor The Sports Hernia, I present:

Clement Price...

...has a closet full of Cosby sweaters.

...would like to know if you would accompany him to a sock hop.

...has a signed copy of the movie The Bodyguard. on Black Planet as mandingo69. trying on a new pair of glasses for your approval.

...thinks you look ravishing. reaching up to twist his mustache.

...still has a solid head of hair.

...did not enjoy the Mercury Morris entry.

...has a brother who sells rice and loves bowties.

...owns a miniature pony named Miracle.

...had three glasses of Merlot at lunch. smiling through the pain of wearing the tie he got for Father's Day.

...enjoys wearing boy shorts under his suits.

...looks more and more like his pet owl every day.

...has been holding this pose for five minutes and wants you to take the goddamn picture already.

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