Tuesday, February 10, 2009


UPDATE: Addendum:

I need to clarify my statement that 70% of my traffic comes from misdirected google searches. I was only referring to hits that are not me personally clicking refresh. I do not think it is fair to count those as page views, even though I could because I take the time to re-read my blog every time I hit refresh.

So if you disclude the 17 hits that I account for, then there are 10 remaining hits. Of those 10 hits, 7 are from Eastern European pervos (no offense, pervos) and 3 are from a group that includes my girlfriend, my girlfriend's friends, my grandma, and myself, depending on who is checking that day.

So to my loyal readers, thank you for invading my privacy by regularly checking my blog for updates on my life. I appreciate your prying. To the rotating group of daily pervos, feel free to stop by any time. My parents go to sleep at 10.

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