Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Calling Out Names

After a three year hiatus, I am returning to blogspot. It seems that in my absence, there have been a lot of pretenders to the throne vying for my spot. I'm sorry that you all had to put up with such worthless posers in my wake, but no longer. I am the Marlo Stanfield of the internet, and I plan on doing some housekeeping around here. I will eliminate all my competition and reclaim my rightful position as the brownest and blackest blogger on the internet. In addition, I will also have a lot of other references to black culture.

Oh, like this one!

Let's get started and go through the perpetrators:

chez pim

I don't know who this Chez Pim is, but I don't like the look of her. Look at that face. You can just tell she's up to something. And when you click on her link, you find out what it is. She's selling shitballs under the title Brown is the New Black.


Speaking of shitballs, I have a special message for the baby-loving populace out there: small does not equal cute. Apparently, all of Flickr disagrees.


The reason women shouldn't be allowed to vote.

Ann, I know you read my blog and were inspired to do something edgy and provocative, but please, you're just embarrassing yourself. There's a difference between provocative and provocative for the sake of being provocative. Have I made myself clear while saying provocative enough times? Good. Provocative.


More like Brown is the New BORING. *flick-starts spinning bow tie*


You are the reason I hate Myspace. One of the many, many reasons I hate MySpace.


I get it. Attention everyone: IMMIGRANTS ARE BROWN.

Business Week



What. IN THE FUCK. Is this?

Perry Farrell is on board. Nothing weird about that.

What. IN THE FUCK. Is Twitter?

The Champagne Diamonds Blog

Wait, hold on. Go back. Did Bill Gates just copy me? God damnit. Why did I use my "NERD!" line already? That would have killed him!

Next time, Bill. I'll do you like you did Netscape. You're all on notice. This is my internet now.

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Anonymous said...

i saw slim charles in a rick ross video gettin punked by snoop. way to drop marlos name. i didn't think anyone saw that show.

Brown said...

I wanted to make that picture of Marlo the background of my blog heading, but uh, I kind of suck at anything with computers.

I guess I'm just too street for this blog business...